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Ben and Sheri's Wedding Video
(a.k.a. "Five Rules For A Happy Wedding")
(a.k.a. "Ben finally got our wedding video online!")

Part 1
2m39sec (6.5 Mb)
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Part 2
2m53sec (7.4 Mb)
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Pre-Ceremony II

(a.k.a. Rules 1 and 2)
(it's not all serene)
Part 3
3m14sec (8.4 Mb)
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The Ceremony

Part 4
4m04s (10.6 Mb)
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The Reception

(a.k.a. Rules 3,4 and 5)
(what'd she just say?)
Part 5
3m24s (8.2 Mb)
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Ending Credits

(thanks everyone!)

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