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News Item #1: PIGS CAN FLY!
Ben has FINALLY put up our wedding videos (a.k.a. "Five Rules For A Happy Wedding") !! WOOWOO! Please go check them out! You can see them here! Let us know what you think. Ben spent a lot of time editing it and is quite proud of the job he did. Cheers!
News Item #2: Where have we been?
We should just pin this topic here. We had a major dance competition (National Jitterbug Championships) we competed at recently where we got 6th in the Pro Lindy and 2nd in the Showcase Lindy!! Now we're busy with our condo. Shortly after that we have the American Championships right around the corner. No rest for the wicked ... or for Sheri for that matter. Hopefully we'll catch up with everyone come January

News Item #3: Where have we been?
We just got back from a weeklong swing dance camp at Bryant College in Smithsfield, Rhode Island! It was an awesome mix of entertainment, dancing, socializing, teaching, and learning (and more!)!

Check out our Beantown 2004 Gallery

News Item #4:
Ben finally gets a part of our wedding video online. View our first dance online!

First Dance Hi Quality (10MB)
First Dance Lo Quality (3MB)

Our song was "It Had To Be You" as a waltz/swing. Song arranged and recorded by Ben's groomsmen Gary Fukushima.

News Item #5:
Two great legends passed away recently. One was an amazing musical legend: Ray Charles. The second was one of the most influential and personable men in our history: Ronald Reagan. Best wishes and rest in peace.


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